Orcutt, California is an unincorporated community of just under 30,000 people. It's located just to the south of Santa Maria and is considered to be a suburb of the larger town.

In the last few years, Orcutt has been one of the fastest growing towns in Santa Barbara County. It's easy to see why.

Family-Friendly Qualities

Among the many reasons Orcutt is considered so desirable is its location. It's on the northern border of Santa Barbara County and just to the south of San Luis Obispo County, yet real estate is more affordable here than in many other Central Coast towns. And Orcutt has are a variety of brand new housing developments from the ultra upscale to the starter home variety.

Despite its proximity to Santa Maria, Orcutt has its own well-regarded public school district. It boasts several elementary schools and two junior high schools. There are a few private schools to choose from as well.

Another advantage people frequently mention about the community is the weather. The usual adjective applied is "mild," but that term really doesn't do it justice. Neither as hot nor as cold as California's Central Valley, and not as foggy as the coast, the adjective that should come to mind is "ideal." Highs don't rise above the mid 70's in summer and winter lows just graze the high 30's in a normal year.

Orcutt Old Town

A Great Launching Pad

It seems like Orcutt is centrally located in relation to just about everywhere. For commuters, it's an enjoyable 45 minute drive up to San Luis Obispo. If you work in Santa Barbara it will take you about an hour to get there, but the drive is just as beautiful. Vandenberg Air Force Base is close by as well.

For wine country enthusiasts, there's almost nowhere more centrally located than Orcutt. The hills and valleys of Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara beckon and with each area no more than an hour and a half away you'll have a hard time deciding which to visit first. Morro Bay. A few of the more popular include:

Closer to Home

Hanging out closer to home, there are many things to do within just a few miles of town. You'll need a lot of free weekends to cover all the choices like taking in a play at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts at Allan Hancock college or enjoying a round of golf at the unpretentious Rancho Maria Golf Club just up the road in Santa Maria.

Taste the Central Coast

There's an endless variety of flavors to enjoy within just a few minutes of Orcutt. You'll want to take advantage of the famous "Santa Maria Style Barbecue" just five minutes away. Fortunately you can find delicious and inexpensive authentic barbecue dinners in Santa Maria every weekend. Within about a half hour's drive you can also:

  • Explore Solvang, the Danish town with old world charm, and enjoy scrumptious European pastry
  • Visit the nostalgic town of Pismo Beach and feast on some of the best clam chowder this side of New England

The Local "To Do" List

But you don't have to leave Orcutt to find ways to relax and enjoy life. You can fill your day and your stomach easily right in town when you:

  • Visit the Loading Dock for coffee and browse the antiques
  • Meet friends at Jack's Restaurant & Bakery for a giant sandwich and a huge slab of pie
  • Stop by Rooney's Irish Pub for some Shepard's pie and locally brewed beer.
Orcutt California

Old Town

Orcutt's "Old Western Town" is still home to many of the buildings established around 1904 when the town was born. Looking something like the set of a Western movie, the town's core is just the way locals like it. The Old Town Orcutt Revitalization Association invites you to join in their efforts to preserve and promote this unique asset.

Orcutt took its name from William Warren Orcutt, an oil company geologist who discovered oil nearby. The area was dominated by farming until homebuilders and home seekers claimed about eleven square miles of this corner of the Central Coast to call their own.