Covering 2.25 square miles, the city of Grover Beach is located along California's picturesque central coast, providing a unique lifestyle for approximately 13,000 residents. Drawing large droves of tourists each summer and over the extended holiday weekends, its moderate coastal climate, drive-on-the-beach activities, and diverse recreational opportunities including fishing, clamming and horseback riding are all popular venues.

With a moderate climate there is an average of 291 sunny days per year in Grover Beach. July, a very popular month here, averages in the 70s. Beaches are especially full in and around Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends when the warmer weather occurs.

Grover Beach

Grover's Vision

Mr. D. W. Grover, founder of the town of Grover in 1887, had a vision of a community which included a hotel and railroad station near the beach. Promoting his town as "the place where the tide lands and the rails meet," this 35-year old lumber man from Santa Cruz paid close to $23,000 in gold for his venture.

His dream eventually came true when the train station turned reality. Located a short walking distance from the Oceano Dunes State Park, Amtrak currently stops twice here each day.

County-wide Commuters and Seasonal Dwellers

Many who live here in Grover Beach commute to San Luis Obispo and other areas of the County. The average commute is 21 minutes and 73% of commuters drive their own car alone. Politically speaking, 45.52% of residents here are registered at Democrats and 52.69% are Republicans.

Others who live here use this as a second home for a beachside escape. Often coming from the interior portions of California, they are seasonal and weekend dwellers who sometimes rent their homes out to visitors.

Where the Dunites Unite

The entrance to the Ocean Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area is located just off Highway 1 at the end of West Grand Ave. in Grover Beach. A popular beach boardwalk meanders through the dunes. There's also a nine-hole goof course located at the beach entrance.

Once a fascinating home to the Dunites, this spiritual artists' colony lasted from the end of World War I until the late 1960s in the dunes. What was originally a city built on sand in 1907 had more than 8,000 lots anchored by a grand pavilion (La Grande Estates). Eight years later the deserted building lay in ruins due to accessibility issues. The pavilion's materials were salvaged for huts for those Dunites who came to this area to seek peace of mind and simplicity of life.

Crowd Pleasers

The City hosts a Free Summer Concert Series at the Ramona Garden Park each year from June €“ September. Held on the expansive lawns, this is one of many popular musical venues held in the cities throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Grover Beach

The Stone Soup Ethnic Music Faire is held each summer in Grover Beach at the Ramona Garden Park and is also growing each year. Featuring a 5K/10K Dune Run, food and craft booths with homemade items and ethnic foods fill Ramona Garden Park, spilling out onto the street. Sounds of Latin, African, Australian, Scottish, jazz and country-western music are all linger in the air. Street dancing is highly encouraged at this event.

Flight of the Monarchs

Each winter, from November through February, thousands of Monarch butterflies are found in a eucalyptus grove at the Pismo State Beach Butterfly Grove. Located half a mile from the Grover Beach Train Station, this is one of the largest sites in the United States.

It's a fascinating site and docents are on hand during the high season to share their insights. A beautiful visual, it's definitely on the must-see list. So what else is on the list of Grover Beach favorite activities?

  • Serving as a docent at the zoo
  • Caring for the cats at the North County Humane Society
  • Helping to feed the hungry though Loaves and Fishes